Where to find a reliable carrier

Where to find a reliable carrier


Cargo transportation is the most important component of any logistic process. To do this, use all available modes of transport: rail, water, air and, of course, road. 

The latter does not lose its popularity over many decades due to its undeniable advantages.

Thanks to the developed road infrastructure, the delivery of goods by truck is the best solution. The undoubted benefits include:

  • speed of delivery - in terms of efficiency of transportation for short distances, motor transport takes a leading position in comparison with others;
  • Combination - the ability to load several small loads with the subsequent phased shipment along the way. This allows the client to save significantly on transportation. Other types of transport do not have such capabilities;
  • efficiency - there are cases when the customer has changed plans for a part of the final transportation point. By car to quickly change the route is no problem;
  • “From door to door” - a car is practically the only mode of transport capable of carrying out transportation directly from the entrance (warehouse, office) to the door of the destination;
  • profitability - today, within the framework of healthy competition, the transportation of goods by hired transport is available not only to large companies, but also to ordinary citizens.

How to find a carrier

Today there are many transport and logistics companies engaged in transportation of goods. It should be noted that the cost of services of such organizations is strictly charged and is not subject to change, whereas when ordering a private person the final price is negotiated with each client individually.

The site Gruzoperevozka77.ru has a large selection of road transport for the carriage of goods of various dimensions. The service specializes in announcements of hired drivers with personal trucks providing transportation services. The site has a convenient navigation and filtering system that allows you to quickly select the desired vehicle based on the required criteria. Here are the ads of individuals and small transport companies that provide the following freight routes - Moscow , Moscow region or any region of Russia.