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Logistics 2018: what awaits the freight industry in the near future

pushkarev.jpg about the prospects of multimodal operators and logistics models of the future.

Within the framework of the annual conference "Logistics 2018. Investing in efficiency", the commercial director of GEFCO Nikita Pushkarev spoke about the development of multimodal logistics operators in Russia, highlighting key aspects of the Transport Strategy of the Russian Federation until 2035. According to him, four of the following theses will affect the future of logistics companies.

On the road without a driver


In Germany, on an autobahn between Munich and Nuremberg, unmanned trucks will make three trips a day. The project will be the world's first experience in using freight convoys in practice.

At a distance of 15 meters from the driver-controlled first truck with a trailer will follow the second, which will "lead" the computer. It is noteworthy that the minimum distance between conventional waggons on the German autobahns is at least 50 meters.

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