From parking of trucks to transport hubs: how to solve logistics problems in Kazakhstan

From parking of trucks to transport hubs: how to solve logistics problems in Kazakhstan


Experts and start-ups talked about this at the foresight session in Almaty on Thursday, November 22.

- Logistics in Kazakhstan is still largely analog. Therefore, digitalization, automation and other "-tions" are important events for the industry. Kazakhstan has a god-given geographical position, we are located between a large global factory and a large European bazaar. And we should use it. But we cannot achieve this if our logistics are not efficient. And it will not be effective until it is sufficiently transferred to digitalization,  - these words of the director of the transport and logistics company Glotus,  Kamil Karimov,  perfectly characterize the logistics business of Kazakhstan, and of the entire post-Soviet space.

Mr. Karimov said this at the opening of the logistics and supply chain foresight session on November 22 in Almaty. The event was organized by the EAEU industry accelerator for innovative projects in the field of logistics and supply chains DAR Lab.

Indeed, Kazakhstan’s transit potential is large, but the cargo in the country often moves in the old fashioned way, logistics is often adjusted with “old-fashioned methods” and is inefficient. Experts state: the time has come to develop and apply modern technical solutions in the field of cargo delivery.

Bulat Sadykulov

Bulat Sadykulov

As the General Director of DAR Technologies  Bolat Sadykulov said,  the logistics industry for IT specialists is immense:

- Our colleagues participated in the meetings of the EAEU Committee. There are a lot of tasks that need to be addressed, including the control of the movement of goods across the EEU. There are problems of underloading of cars. There are plenty of examples of the understaffing of trucks. Although technology allows us to solve these and many other problems.

As you know,  IT-company  DAR develops many products that solve the problems of both users and companies. In our portfolio there is a division of  DAR  Logistics, which is a multi-industrial logistics company. During the development of the platform for this company, we have already begun to apply modern technologies.

To facilitate the introduction of advanced solutions in the industry, an accelerator was created under the auspices of DAR Lab. It has become a unique platform for discussing the main problems of the industry, sharing experience and finding strategic partners, as well as investors and experts in the field of logistics. Also at its base was organized a competition for IT developers, startups.

According to Bolat Sadykulov, start-ups are working on solving not virtual, but specific “vital” problems.

 The tasks are set to us by the logistics companies themselves. Some already have a rather outdated infrastructure, the  interlocutor noted. -  Companies understand that they have room to grow in terms of efficiency. And  DAR  Lab just wants to combine task directors with technology. At the same time, in our solutions we easily integrate over old systems.

For example, one of the tasks posed by logistics companies is to develop such a technical solution, whereby with the help of photo and video recordings it was possible to automatically calculate the size of the cargo. This should help to sort it properly and effectively take it to the final point.

Askar Bishigaev

Askar Bishigaev

- Kazakhstan is the ninth country in the world by territory, we have huge transport chains. We understand that they are not digitized to the extent that the new time requires. Therefore, to open such an accelerator is a smart policy,  ”said Askar Bishigaev, chairman of the board of the RK IT managers  community. -  From the “Kamazist” sites we need to move on to building our own modern logistics companies.

Also on November 22, DAR Technologies signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Eurasian Competence Center "AcademAl Tau", which is supported by the Academpark Novosibirsk. Bolat Sadykulov noted that there is a significant gap between academic knowledge and practical experience. DAR Technologies intends to build a bridge between them. This bridge will help developed IT-solutions to pass the examination in the scientific environment. Everything is logical: better than a mathematician, no one will say, for example, what is the best way to do the load from point A to point B.

“In mid-November, I was in the Eurasian Commission at a meeting on the digitization of transport corridors,  ” said Yerlan Saltykov, head of the project of the Eurasian Center of Competence AcademAl Tau   -  A large amount of work on the digitization of logistics systems was discussed. The meeting addressed the issue of participation of  DAR  Lab in this great work. I think the work of the company will be active in this direction. And we will contribute to this with our scientific potential.

A memorandum was also signed with GenerationS accelerator, created on the basis of the Russian Venture Company. It will enable Kazakhstani startups to implement their projects in logistics not only in Kazakhstan, but also in the territory of the EAEU.

“It is a great honor for us to become a partner of  DAR  Lab, this is our first partnership in Kazakhstan,” said Alexander Filatova, Head of Development for the GenerationS partner accelerator corporate international network for acceleration   - DAR Lab - a  strong player in the technology industry, produces interesting products and solutions. And we will be interested in the exchange of experience in the field of logistics for drivers and heavy vehicles. We are interested in attracting not only Russian projects, but also ideas from around the world, including from Kazakhstan. On the basis of our cooperation, it will be interesting for us to share experience and expertise, to find customers together and to enter international markets.

The best projects of seven start-up finalists who were discussed by industry experts will receive a start in life, and their authors will become residents of the DAR Lab. Accelerator residents are provided with office premises (IQ-coworking in Astana and the IT quarter in Almaty), an educational program, R & D support and access to customers and investors.