Acron Group sponsors PRO / MOTION International Transportation and Logistics Forum

Acron Group sponsors PRO / MOTION International Transportation and Logistics Forum


For the first time, Acron Group took part in the International Transport and Logistics Forum PRO // MOTION.1520, which was held in Sochi from October 1 to 3, 2018.

Representatives of Akron visited the business program of the forum, which addressed a wide range of issues, including the development of global transport infrastructure and the introduction of environmentally friendly technologies, improving the efficiency of transit transportation and the opportunities offered by the use of digital solutions.

Acron Group is developing a transport and logistics infrastructure, contributing to the development of the transport industry and the country's economy as a whole. Currently, Acron is implementing a new strategy aimed at increasing the volume of transshipment of products through the ports of the Russian Federation. In May 2018, the company transshipped complex fertilizers through the Murmansk Bulker Terminal. In June, the Group together with the European Sulfur Terminal concluded a long-term contract for the transshipment of mineral fertilizers.

Igor Bogdan, Vice-President for Transport and Logistics of PJSC Acron, said: “The Group has built new railways using modern technologies and introduced multifunctional electronic systems, updated the fleet of rolling stock for timely and uninterrupted shipment of fertilizers. In addition, Akron is systematically switching to innovative, more economical, higher-capacity wagons. In 2018, the volume of transportation of the Acron Group will be more than 8.5 million tons of raw materials and finished products.

Recall that the Acron Group has its own transport and logistics infrastructure, including three port terminals in the Baltic. The need for transportation of raw materials and finished products in the domestic market, as well as to seaports, is provided by a subsidiary of the Acron-Trans Group of Companies, which operates more than 3,700 units of rolling stock.

Additional Information:

Acron Group is one of the leading vertically integrated producers of mineral fertilizers in Russia and the world. The Group's chemical enterprises are located in Veliky Novgorod (PJSC Acron) and the Smolensk Region (PJSC Dorogobuzh). The group conducts its own production of phosphate raw materials in the Murmansk region (JSC NWPC) and is implementing a project to develop a potash deposit in the Perm region (CJSC VKK), has its own transport and logistics infrastructure, including three port terminals in the Baltic, and distribution networks in Russia and China. Subsidiary of PJSC Acron - North Atlantic Potash Inc. (NAP) - owns mining licenses at 13 sites of the Prairie Evaporit potash salt deposit in Saskatchewan (Canada). Acron also owns a minority stake (19.8%) in the Polish company Grupa Azoty SA,

In 2017, the Group's sales amounted to 7.3 million tons of various products. Deliveries were carried out in 65 countries. The main markets for the Group are Russia, Brazil, Europe and the USA.

In 2017, the Group's consolidated revenue under IFRS amounted to 94,342 million rubles (1,617 million US dollars), and net profit - 14,260 million rubles (244 million US dollars). Shares of PJSC Acron are included in the quotation list of the first level of the Moscow Exchange, global depositary receipts are traded on the London Stock Exchange (ticker AKRN). Acron Group has a staff of about 11 thousand people.


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