On the road without a driver

On the road without a driver


In Germany, on an autobahn between Munich and Nuremberg, unmanned trucks will make three trips a day. The project will be the world's first experience in using freight convoys in practice.

At a distance of 15 meters from the driver-controlled first truck with a trailer will follow the second, which will "lead" the computer. It is noteworthy that the minimum distance between conventional waggons on the German autobahns is at least 50 meters.

This method will make shipping less dangerous, increase their profitability and reduce harm to the environment. In addition, fuel consumption will be reduced by 10 percent.And this will save about three liters of diesel fuel for every 100 kilometers.

In addition, such automated columns will require less space on crowded roads. They will occupy not 90 meters, but only 40. The safety on autobahns also increases, as the computer reacts for thousandth fractions of a second to changing the situation on the road. At the same time, at the initial stage of the project in automatically controlled trucks, as a precautionary measure, there will be a driver who can take control at any moment. The project will operate until 2019, and if the tests are successful, this technology will be implemented throughout Germany.

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